When it comes to Fashion there’s always been a gaping void between what I’d like to wear and what I can wear, and no where is this disparity more evident than in the world of sunglasses. Apart from the heavily over-done Ray Ban, there’s simply a lack of premium quality, fashion sunglasses at an affordable price for women. And that’s where DMY BY DMY comes in. 

DMY BY DMY is an independent British brand designing sunglasses for the women of today. We don’t believe in licensing agreements and instead design, source and manufacture everything in-house so that we can keep our prices at an attainable price point without compromising on quality. Our portfolio of frames comprise of traditional silhouettes, from the 50s cat-eye to the 90s micro frame, which have all been re-interpreted and re-imagined within a contemporary context. By experimenting with colour and transparency we have given our frames an atypical aesthetic, one which is unapologetically bold and outspoken. With a desire to make our frames durable and long-lasting we manufacture with only the highest quality stainless steel or acetate sourced from the world’s leading supplier in Italy. 

We are a young company and we have much to learn, but we promise to continue designing sunglasses that make you feel like Blair Waldorf on her best day. Enjoy!

Founder, DMY BY DMY