The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide 🎄

From holiday romantics to disruptors and from the active to the easy-breezy, we've got a frame to suit every personality. Scroll through our curated guide and discover the best frame to give (or receive) this holiday season.

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For the minimalist - the Preston

Defined by a minimalistic and effortless style, the 90s is one of the most iconic eras within sartorial history whose essence has left a visible imprint on the fashion of today. Paying homage to this uncomplicated style, meet the Preston. It not only embodies the DMY BY DMY signature use of classic silhouettes, clean lines and timeless colours but reaffirms the 90s philosophy: quiet confidence never goes out of style.

For the tastemaker - the Quin

Sculptress Altina Schinasi started a revolution in eyewear with her patented design: the ‘Harlequin’. A mother to the cat-eye, the 1930s ‘Harlequin’ frame oozed sensuality with its exaggerated lines and upswept curves: glasses were no longer just to see but to be seen. In reverence, we present the Quin, a re-imagined modern frame, radiating confidence and glamour.

For the refined - the Valentina

With its soulful simplicity, our most iconic frame, the Valentina has a hypnotising allure that simply will not pass you by. Exuding timeless elegance, its rounded silhouette transcends seasonality, making it an accessory that will be worn for years to come.

For the breezy - the Jen

Rimless frames adorned the faces of many of hip-hops finest talents throughout the early 2000s. From Jenifer Lopez to Nelly, their place within Y2K fashion is unmistakable. Paying homage to a frame that not only became synonymous with, but arguably helped to shape the very identity of some of hip-hop’s greatest icons, we present the Jen. Pair with a double denim co-ord and trucker hat and let the glasses do the talking for you.

For the active - the Billy

The evolution of athleisure in the 90s was revolutionary. Icons from Princess Diana to Will Smith demonstrated an increasing preference for comfort over couture. Fast forward to the present day and athleisure is seeing a renaissance with people, once again, opting for a more casual and functional everyday wardrobe. In line with this renaissance, we've developed a frame that epitomises 'less is more'. With its casual essence and ergonomic shape, meet ‘Billy’ our newest frame that truly is the perfect accessory for those that love to get up and go.

For the vibrant - the Olsen

From Mary-Kate and Ashley to Britney and Justin… who didn’t sport barely-there, coloured lens sunglasses in the early 2000s? Taking a cue from the ultimate noughties frame, the Olsens are the easiest way to add vibrancy to any look. Co-ordinate based on your style, personality, or outfit of the day, and all eyes will be on you.

For the romantic - the Luca

It’s 6pm. You’re nestled in amongst the village of Praiano, sipping on your Lemon Zest overlooking the sun setting behind the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. How best to soak in the view at day’s end? By wearing a pair of the Lucas. With their all-absorbing sepia toned lenses, the Luca really accentuates the contours of life.

For the disruptor - the Reese

With its straight, sharp-edged, and angular silhouette, the Reese possess a theatrical essence unlike any other frame in the collection. Its highly expressive character commands attention; making it a choice for those who operate beyond the realms of convention.