Sunglasses that protect your eyes, the planet and its people

Since the launch of DMY BY DMY in 2018, we have wanted to inspire change in the way that businesses behave and think about how their actions affect both the planet and its people. As a brand with a global supply chain, we see it as our responsibility to alleviate and reverse any contribution to the climate crisis that we may have. In order to do this, we’re actively seeking to identify and understand the environmental impacts across our business and throughout our wider value chain, and do everything we can to minimise them. We have a long way to go, but we are committed to continuously finding new ways to improve our business practices with both honesty and transparency.

At DMY BY DMY, sustainability is embedded within our three core design principles: quality, functionality and longevity. With the wellbeing of our planet in mind and by centering our collection around timeless silhouettes, our frames are designed with the hope that they will be worn for generations to come. From our design process to our raw materials, sustainability is something that DMY BY DMY seek to place at the heart of our product lifecycle, so that we can continue designing sunglasses that our customers love, but do so in a way that respects our planet.

Innovative Materials

All of our sunglasses are built from cellulose acetate, a renewable, non petroleum hypoallergenic plant-based plastic derived from natural cotton fibres and wood pulp. Cellulose acetate is typically degraded into cellulose and acetic acid through hydrolysis with water and biodegradation by esterase. The main chain of cellulose is subsequently biodegraded by cellulase and is finally converted into water and carbon dioxide. The cellulose structure of the material also makes it incredibly strong, capable of handling everyday use and it’s less likely than petroleum-based plastics to break under pressure due to the flexibility of the material, allowing us to create sunglasses of the highest quality that will stand the test of time.

Protecting the Planet

At DMY BY DMY, we recognise that climate change is not only the single biggest threat to our planet’s ecosystems, it is an existential threat to all life on Earth. As a for profit eyewear company, we also recognise that we’re part of the problem, however, we are committed to being part of the solution. We believe that it’s time for all companies and individuals to be held accountable for their carbon footprints and actively seek ways to minimise those effects. That’s why we’re making it easy for our customers to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with shipping their order, with just a single click! EcoCart calculates the CO2 emissions created from your online order and donates the exact amount required to reduce those emissions to funding renewable energy, forestry or clean water projects, in an attempt to support the world’s efforts to mitigate climate change.

This year, we also introduced our 100% biodegradable and fully compostable protective bags and loose fill chips, derived from plant-based material. To dispose of your loose fill chips, place on your compost patch, add them to your household food recycling or dissolve them in water. Our cruelty-free vegan leather cases are also made using bio-based materials, lessening the impacts associated with fossil fuel extraction and production, reducing CO2 emissions.

Giving Back

As a brand with a global platform, we recognise that we have a responsibility and a unique opportunity to protect and uplift historically marginalized communities in order to eliminate injustices across local, national and international communities.

We donate 1% of every sale to Women for Women International via Work for Good, a charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Thank you, for helping us make a difference.

Love, the DMY BY DMY Team